Ashfield Creates a Synthesis of Space - Ashfield Group

Ashfield Group has completed an exciting renovation to this property creating an exceptional modern living space and kitchen in the attractive suburb of Barkisland, Halifax

This impressive scheme combines striking modern aesthetics with the latest energy efficient technology and materials. It’s often the case that, when Ashfield are chosen to carry out an extension project, the word ‘extension’ doesn’t do justice to its creative ambition. Most of our design briefs involve more than a simple increase in square footage – the objective is to enhance every attribute, from versatility and efficiency to aesthetics and flow of space.

We have just commenced a prime example with our latest residential scheme in Barkisland, where an orangery was demolished and replaced with a new single-storey configuration which seamlessly integrates with the existing interior. On completion, the property’s ground floor has more than doubled in size and multiplied in function. Ashfield have incorporated a nod to the past by retaining the stone from the orangery and re-using it in the new construction.