Ashfield's open-plan living unifies space in one grand experience

Open-plan living is all about unified space with shared elements – light, design aesthetics and function – coming together in one grand experience. The blurring of boundaries enables the flow of architectural expression and social interaction – creating a place where everyone can enjoy each other’s undivided attention.


Ashfield Building Group has established a specialist capability in the development of open-plan homes. We work with some of the region’s most creative architects to produce contemporary space characterised by fluidity, versatility and minimal lines. We develop designs which are often anti-vernacular and shaped by multiple influences. They are aspirational, visionary and innovative in their use of materials. They utilise advances in technology and explore new ideas in architectural geometry.

open pan interior design

These collaborations often produce stunning results, most recently at Mount Pleasant in Ilkley, where we have remodelled a stone-built detached property in Ilkley based on a scheme by Niche Design Architects. Working in conjunction with engineering consultancy, SGM Structural Design Ltd, Ashfield has extended the side and rear elevations with an abundance of structural openings.


The term ‘great room’ is often used to signify the removal of the distinct walls and divisions between the kitchen, living areas and family room. With true open-plan living, form follows function but is not rigidly dictated by it. The space is flexible in its demarcation: open-plan should be open to interpretation. This concept is beautifully illustrated by the ‘great room’ at Mount Pleasant, where the exceptionally large open-plan space welcomes an abundance of natural light through full-height glazing. The room includes a beautiful contemporary kitchen created in consultation with Inspired Design. The property’s interior has also been opened up vertically with an atrium staircase providing a smooth transition between storeys and extensive glazing to allow further solar penetration. The minimalist aesthetic is reinforced with structural glass balustrade.

Mount Pleasant fuses contemporary design with natural and organic materials – another familiar characteristic of Ashfield’s work with architects throughout the region. Luxuriant hardwood brings a richly detailed finish to the flooring whilst timber cladding works in harmony with the external appearance of the existing stonework.


Ashfield Director, Joel Ramsden, commented on the completion of the project:


“Ashfield are proud of the way we have realised Niche’s vision and done full justice to their superlative design. We are equally proud of the way our team has risen to the technical challenge of this project. The house was originally built into the hillside and extending the structure on this terrain involved difficult civil engineering works which would deter many other contractors and developers.”


As always, the final word should go to the client – and we are delighted to relay another glowing report on the standard of our work and service:


“A massive thank you to Ashfield for transforming our home. The team, led by Krystian and Gary, were all lovely to work with and gave expert guidance along the way to make it not only beautiful but practical to live in. We ran into some issues along the way that could not have been predicted, and the team simply responded by helping with options and recommendations on how to move past them. We would recommend Ashfield and all the build team to anyone embarking on a truly ‘transformational’ project such as ours.”

-Marie, Ade and Erin


Photography by Ian Lamond Photography