‘We can’t quite believe this is our house’ - Ashfield Group

‘We can’t quite believe this is our house’

A project that began simply with ideas to redecorate the lounge expanded so much it has given Paul and Karen Shann a completely revamped interior layout that has left the couple not quite believing it is the home they have lived in for 21 years.

Paul says the transformation of their 1930s large detached house in Eggborough began when the interior designer advising them suggested taking a wall out to create more space.

“We liked the idea but the problem was it was a supporting wall, so that meant we had to consider major structural work. What seemed easy suddenly became a lot more complex.”

Ashfield Building Group came recommended by the designer and Paul is glad he took the advice.

“We had to get a structural engineer in to survey the house and Ashfield took care of the whole process.

“I can’t thank Brendon and the team enough for all the problem-solving and help they came up with,” says Paul.

Strengthening the upper floor with reinforced steel joists inevitably created a lot of remedial work which the couple hadn’t planned for. “They organised and co-ordinated all the specialists we needed supremely well. The quality of finish on the walls and woodwork is fantastic.”

With the wall gone the ground floor has been opened out with a new hallway leading to the refurbished living room and a new dining area.

“The hallway and staircase were completely redone,” he says, adding that the age of the house also meant other adjustments had to be made. “We even had to raise the height of the bannister rail to meet new building regulations.”

So much about the interior has changed from what the couple had got used to while raising their children, who have now left home. “Every morning we walk down the stairs and think ‘is this really our house?’”